with award winning documentary team tony wilson and leo sullivan


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With his signature storytelling approach, Tony Wilson, ACS, has a body of work spanning many Australian and international award-winning documentaries. His feature film work has been shown in Une Certain Regard at Cannes.

This acclaimed filmmaker has a long association with many of Australia's top documentary directors, among them Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson First Contact, and Aviva Zeigler Plumpton High Babies and Secrets of the Jury Room.


Wilson was among the first to see the potential of digital video in his preferred genre of verité filmmaking. He pioneered the use of contemporary cameras in professional productions, starting in 1996 with the then newly introduced 3-chip Sony VX1000 camera with which he shot Suzie Is A Fish (Suzie Moroney's attempted swim from the Cuba to the US) and soon after Atlanta Blues (a behind the scenes look at how the city coped during the games). Wilson was able to convert at first sceptical broadcasters to the technical proficiencies of well shot digital video.


Today, more than half the documentaries shot in Australia are recorded on MiniDV and DVCAM, while a huge amount of interest has also been generated in the newer high definition HDV format. Setting the pace, Tony Wilson, ACS with Leo Sullivan continue to teach broadcasters, filmmakers, journalists and students of video, how best to utilise these technologies at the Camera Class.

Tony Wilson, ACS - CREDITS

Growing Up Male (HDV) (series) directors Ruth Cullen/Nicky Ruskoe (SBS)
Caritas in Manila (HDV) director/camera for Caritas Australia
What The Future Sounded Like (HDV) director Matt Bate (ABC)
Pirates of Penzance (9 camera HDV shoot) director Bruce Best (ABC
Caritas In Bangladesh (HDV) director/camera for Caritas Australia
P-Plate Mothers (Series) HDV director Jessica Douglas-Henry (SBS)
Mantribes Ep.1 Goldmining (HDV) director Kelly Close (Discovery Europe)
Winners Guide To The Nobel Prize (HDV) director Mark Gould (ABC)
Caritas In Tanzania (HDV) director/camera for Caritas Australia
Global Haywire (HDV shared credit) director Bruce Petty
Divorce Stories (DVCAM/DVCPRO shared credit) series directors Steve Westh, Jessica Douglas-Henry (SBS)
Secrets Of The Jury Room (DV) director Aviva Zeigler (SBS)
Jane Turner In Chad For UNHCR (DVCAM) director/camera Tony Wilson, ACS, producer Naomi Steer
Sandy (The Sandman) In Siberia (DVCAM) director Ted Robinson (SBS)
UNHCR In Afghanistan (DVCAM) director/camera Tony Wilson, ACS, producer Naomi Steer
Under One Roof - Chakos Family Episode 1 (DV) director Kay Pavlou (SBS)
Plumpton High Babies (DVCAM Series) director Aviva Zeigler (ABC) Logie nomination
The Quiet American (Making Of, DV-shared credit) producer Antonia Barnard
Facing The Demons (DV) director Aviva Ziegler (ABC) Gold Logie, Best Documentary (Aust. United Nations Media Peace Prize Television) 2000
Seasons Of Revenge (DV) director Janet Bell (ABC) finalist Dendy Awards Ethnic Affairs category, Sydney Film Festival 1999, finalist New York Film Festival
Brothers And Sisters (DV) director Russel Vines producer Sonja Armstrong (ABC)
Atlanta Blues (DV) director Tim Clark (ABC)
Suzie Is A Fish (DV) director Carla Drago (ABC)
Advertising Missionaries (Super-16) directors Chris Hilton, Gauthier Flauder Australian French co-production (ABC/Canal Plus/Channel 4) finalist Dendy Awards Best Television Documentary, Sydney Film Festival 1996
Demons At Drive Time (SP) director Kerry Brewster (SBS) Winner Dendy Award Best Television Documentary, Sydney Film Festival 1996 AF1 nominations for Cinematography and Best Television Documentary 1996
Blackman: Dreams And Shadows director Richard Moore (ABC/RM ARTS UK)
Sacred Sex (SP) director Cynthia Connop (Cinema release/ABC)
Searching director Nicola Woolmington, producer Tristram Mial (ABC)
The Money Man director Philip Haas (USA) Special BBC arts program ARENA Winner of Bienalle Internationale Du Film Sur L'art (Paris 1994)
Plagued director Aviva Zielger 2 x 1 hr documentaries (FA/ABC/Channe1 4)
Sacred Sex director Cynthia Connop (ABC TV/Channel 4 UK and Cinema release)
Donald Friend: The Prodigal Australian director Don Bennetts (ABC) AFI nomination Best Cinematography 1991
Rolf's Indian Walkabout camera/location director 2 x 1 hour specials (7 Network)
Magicians Of The Earth The Pompidou Centre Paris director Phillip Haas USA
The Wonderful World Of Dogs director Mark Lewis (ABC) AF1 nomination Best Cinematography 1990
The Animal Contract series with Desmond Morris, director Stafford Garner (SBS)
Dreamings: The Art Of Aboriginal Australia camera/associate producer FA
Rolf Harris Walkabout camera/location director 2 x 2 hours (7 Network)
Three Trails director Peter Thompson (for Jack Pizzey series 'AUSSIES')
Backlash (Super16) Feature, director Bill Bennett (Une certain regard CANNES 1986)
For The Love Of A Soldier director/co-producer with Lucinda Strauss (ABC)
Dear Cardholder (Super16) Feature, director Bill Bennett
What Is A Jew To You (Greater Union Award 1986) director Aviva Zeigler (ABC)
Singles director Karl McPhee Film Aust. (EP Tom Haydon, Real Life Series)
Kids In Trouble director Sue Cornwell Film Aust (EP Tom Haydon, Real Life Series)
The Visit director Tony Wheeler Film Aust (EP Tom Haydon, Real Life Series)
Democracy (Sydney Film Festival) director Graham Chase FA (ABC)
More Than A Game Willesee documentary, directors Torrens, Munroe (9 Network)
Super Sleuth (Telemovie shot on BETACAM) director David Wilson (7 Network)
The Hunting Party Willesee documentary, codirector/cinematographer, Silver Award New York International Film and TV Festival 1986 (BBC/Channel 9)
Not Just A Pretty Face Willesee documentary, director Gillian Armstrong (9 Network)
First Contact director Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson, Oscar Acadamy Award Finalist 1984 (Channel 7/ABC)
Art And Craft Of Maningrida producer/director Tony Wilson, ACS (Australia Council)
A Personal History Of The Australian Surf director Michael Blakemore, London Film Festival 1981 (UK Channel 4/ABC)
This Fabulous Century (series) Peter Luck Productions (Network 7)
Figures In The Landscape (series with Robert Hughes) director Brian Adams (ABC)
John Betjamin In Australia directors Margaret McIntyre, Julian Jebb (BBC/ABC)
Harry Butler In The Wild (first series) director Chris McCullough (ABC)
Bruce Petty's Money Game director Michael Pearce (BBC/ABC)
Ronald Biggs Special director B. Slone (Network 10)